Yhden tärpin päivä

# One turpentine day.

I crashed on an icy hill in the dune on Tuesday at dusk. In the evening, I went to a lure that, after examining, found that the rotating membrane from my right shoulder had gotten sore properly when I fell. A few days of numbness and painkillers.
By the end of the week, the medication was biting, and the worst pain was beginning to subside. Weather forecasts said the last warm days were taken and the point would be a long period of frost on.
So I decided to go with Wall to the river to see if the hand would take a rowing.
The first fall had expired in about 40 minutes, when I told Juha that there was probably a fish in the trailer. Juha stated after glancing at the tip of the rod that he must be a little salmon.

However, three sets were rewound out of the way and he got his hands on the rod.
What a wonder ... The fish went down the river at a fast pace, staying close to the bottom. I followed the movements of the fish on the boat, and there was not too much pressure to keep loose.
After a while, the fish would shoot into the air. We both looked amazed, Big bright sea trout !!!
We held the fish more carefully, I turned the boat downstream so that the fish would have to pull against the current and get better tired.
Another handsome jump in the air, and the trout were already starting to get tired. A few times he got close to the boat, quickly sinking back to the bottom. I lifted the oars up so that the line would not hit them in the final noises.
Then the trout finally surfaced next to the boat. I slid under the wound and the fish was ours.
In disbelief, we watched the trout in the wounds.
Gorgeous, big bright sea trout. Because the fish was fat, we quickly measured the length, ripped a couple of pictures, and let the gorgeous fish back into the trees in the Kymijoki.

It was empty now. Finally. I dug a pocket mat suitable for such a moment from my fish bag, and sipped the 16-year-old #Lagavulin whiskey.

Arska & Juha, Kymijoki Plows 🤩🤘🎣

Ps. Strategic dimensions 84 cm, estimated weight about 7 kg 💪💪💪