Kymijoen kirkas meritaimen

Magic or superstition?

Nothing is as superstitious as a fisherman. When going out on the water, you should always have an otti cap or a faithful red-checkered flannel shirt on top of the fish. And help the army, if the thing that guarantees happiness is left in a hurry at home in the morning, when you go on a trip with sleepy eyes during the rooster singing.

A completely new chapter was written in the story last spring. On a sunny April morning, we load fishJust before leaving, I remember giving a seedling ornament I made the night before to my rowing friend Juha. The jewelry was a test piece, my wife and I had just started making handmade fish jewelry. Juha hung the jewelry around his neck, and then we went out into the water. The morning on the river was quite quiet, not even pitch.

Then, sometime after noon, at one of the beach benches, the right side is deep. Catch the fish! After careful fatigue, I guided the wound under the fish, and so was the feeling on the roof. In the wound, 4.4 kg was soaked. bright, undeniable ascending trout. The opening of the spring season had gone awesome.

A week later it was agreed with my friend Mikko to go to the pike. Light west wind puand the sun shone from a cloudless sky. The first hour was quite quiet, typical of spring. As the day got a little warmer, a couple of little pike went to say hello, regaining their freedom. It was time to change places when Mikko still wanted to throw the famous “last throw”. Free your hands handsome, and Daiwa's jerk was taken away. It's big now, my friend said. After a few minutes of fatigue, the first sighting of the pike was obtained. On the second plunge, I got under the wound, and the fish was lifted to be removed.

In disbelief we watched a huge thick pike. Well now ! Hooks released quickly, weighing wounds, and traditional pönö images. The gorgeous pike mare was then carefully lowered back into its own element. The weight of the pike had accumulated a respectable 13.8 kg, and the thickness was considerable. Amazing spring opening trip to the sea.

Oh yeah, I already forgot to mention that I gave Miko a pike pendant on the beach before going out.