Kevätpäivä Kymijoella

Spring day in Kymijoki.

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The sun was shining from the cloudless sky as we started our spring trout rowing day in the Keakijoki Korkeakoski rowing area.

Expectations high we lowered our wobble one by one behind our boat to attract fish.

It took an hour, if any. The morning was quiet, not even any turpentine. My friend was in the oars, and I took care of the freelancer myself. In the middle of the descent, Juha hooked to the side of the stream, under a branch bent over the water.

A couple of oars, and then a hook to the side ... And Pam !!! Fish caught. The tip of the rod bent for the classes, now it was a decent fish to just stick to. The fish roared at the bottom and refused to get up.

For a quarter, the tug of war continued until the fish was finally on display next to the boat, big trout!

Carefully wound into the water, and the next spin next to the boat already ended in wounds. Since the fish did not have the fat snack found in natural fish, we decided to take a batch of fine fish. 4.7 kg. Clear Kymilä trout.!

The wonderful Spring Day got its crown.